Design & Consultancy

We offer several levels of design and consultancy service. Our services are available to anybody — from long established  Architects and local councils to small building companies and independent, self-builders.

Creative Space’s designers have established good relationships and a strong reputation for technical ability and reliability. From concept through to detailed design, our highly trained designers ensure that the most practical and cost effective solution is found to meet the performance specification whilst ensuring that the aesthetics are maintained to comply with planning and architectural requirements. By working in close partnership with key system suppliers we are also able to provide our clients with creative, yet practical design solutions as well as advice on systems choice, taking into account whole life project costing and all the design factors which impact on the building.

By understanding the architectural aesthetic aspirations and the practical performance specifications Creative Space explores all avenues of the project requirements to evaluate the benefits as a whole, of any new innovative concepts. By proactively promoting these value engineered ideas our clients have benefited enormously, as our culture is one that enthuses cost awareness. Whether it is the build ability aspect, the types of materials chosen or the detail design, no area will be ignored in bringing innovation and value engineering to the project. Creative Space leaves no design area unresolved and provides vision and prudence to eliminate delays and ensure continuance. Early involvement in the project ensures that our clients and architect’s have total control at pre-tender stage. This helps immensely to realise the vision and ensures costs are fully controlled from inception to completion.


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