Ecojoists Metal Webs

Metal webs are `V™ shaped components made of galvanised steel and are used in the construction of the Gang-Nail® Ecojoist®, the innovative floor joist system. They have connector plates top and bottom for fixing to timber flanges and are available in five different sizes. When combined with the parallel stress graded timber flanges they form Ecojoist® beams, giving an open web floor that can clear span large distances. Using the 8″ metal web, Ecojoist® beams can be made to match solid timber joists by using 47mm stress graded timber, a beam depth of 219mm is achieved. The metal webs are pressed in to the timber flanges using an Ecojoist® press which uses external and internal clamps to ensure a quality product is manufactured every time.

The application of Ecojoist® with its design practicalities of being an open web based system, is used in a wide variety of construction areas in loose or cassette form for floors and roofs and is applicable for houses, flats and commercial buildings.

Practical benefits of Ecojoist® include:

  • Robust Standard Detail
  • Depth compatible with solid joist sizes
  • Made to measure, reducing on site wastage
  • Minimal shrinkage or swelling
  • Reduction or elimination of surface run pipe work
  • Lightweight construction

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