Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

Creative Space is a specialist manufacturer and installer of sips for new build, renovations and extensions for self-build and commercial developments

SIPs is the abbreviation for Structural Insulated Panels. SIPs are a new technology for building better environmental and energy efficient structures. They can also be erected faster than any other building method and produce a stronger structure than traditional buildings. SIPs are a good option for both homeowners and developers, whether you are considering a home extension, a new stand-alone structure or a whole building development. They are also becoming highly popular due to the current environmental issues and due to the fact they are a green sustainable building material, which complies with the code for sustainable homes. SIPs have been in production for over 60 years and are currently used predominantly in North America and Japan.

We chose SIPS at Creative Space because as with our other solutions we can take a set of drawings and completely design, manufacture and supply a whole house which is truly an ‘offsite’ method made to measure requiring minimum site work whilst providing peace of mind for the builder.

SIPs are completely flexible and tailored to suit your requirements. Complicated shapes and angles can be produced more economically often without the need for additional costly frames / support members.

Design flexibility and production capabilities inherent with the SIPs system make it attractive for both custom projects and to those interested in affordable housing.

Why is sips the ‘new build standard’?

  • ‘Minimum defect’ building – because our panels fit precisely together staircases, doors and windows go immediately into position with little, if any, on-site easing and with little remedial work needed you get a better quality of internal finish with no cracking of plaster
  • A solid feel – with a thick layer of rigid insulation bonded between skins of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), our sips are rigid dense and solid, unlike the open skeleton of a timber frame house
  • Less heating needed – many sip homeowners install modern ventilation and heating systems, like Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems (MVHR), which reuse warm air and which can make a traditional central heating system a thing of the past
  • Quieter living – The dense core of continuous sound deadening insulation in our panels, also cuts sound transmission through walls, which means a quieter home for you both upstairs and down without any additional sound insulation.


Typical example of a sips technical drawing

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