SIPs building the future

Ever rising fuel costs and worries about climate change have made us all think more and more about energy efficiency. And with our homes contributing XXX% it makes sense to ensure that they keep us as warm as possible for as little as possible.

And when it comes to energy efficiency sips are particularly good here’s why:

  • Continuous Insulation – with insulation an integral part of every panel, 96% of wall area and 99% of the roof is covered with insulation in a sips home. Compare that with just 88% of insulated wall in a typical timber frame
  • Ongoing thermal performance – dense rigid urethane insulation at the heart of a sips panel won’t sag or deteriorate over time, and can’t be poorly fitted like commonly used insulation quilt, so no gaps through which expensively heated warm air can escape and cold leak in
  • Slashed heating bills – so thermally efficient are sips, you may not need a heating system at all in your low-heat home
  • Sustainable building – our panels use wood fibre that would otherwise go to waste while our panels use about a 30% less timber than a timber frame

Less waste – with our panels precision cut off-site, little waste is generated on-site for disposal. You cut skip hire costs and save on site clearing time

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