SIPs Easy Build Process

Managing your own self build is an exciting if daunting prospect, and one that thousands of people successfully take on each year – even if they’ve no construction experience.

But a traditional masonry build is always more difficult to control because rain and cold weather both affect progress, frequent material deliveries need to be organised, ‘subbies’ don’t always turn up, and much time’s lost cleaning mixers and clearing up rubble.

Sips makes project management easier.

  1. Expert installation – our specialist team create the sips structure for you. There are no additional workmen for you to organize or co-ordinate
  2. Less to organise – panels can come to you in a single delivery, from one source so there’s no need to chase multiple merchants for materials
  3. Predictable timing – sips is a precise building method with a precise completion date so you can book follow-on trades with confidence – not something you can do with a traditional masonry build
  4. Better advance planning – sips lets you build exactly to your plans, that means you can order bespoke items like kitchens and stairs well ahead of time confident that they’ll fit perfectly when they arrive on-site
  5. Improved financing – because you buy a ‘sips package’ (structural calculations included) your costs are firm and complete so you can confirm a substantial element of your construction budget upfront to lenders
  6. Fewer on-site problems – precision cutting of our panels ensures ‘minimum defect building’. You won’t have to ‘make things fit’ on-site, so Second Fix becomes easier with little snagging later.
  7. Better Health and Safety – by helping you keep a cleaner, tidier site, sips helps you meet your on-site Health and Safety obligations

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