SIPs Stronger Structures

In Japan, the US, Canada and Scandinavia, Structural Insulated Panels (sips) have long impressed homeowners, And now in Britain they’re now being talked of as the ‘new build standard’ in because of the favourable way they compare with older building techniques.

sips – the ‘new build’ standard

  • Speed of build – faster even than timber frame. Typically our installation team are on-site for two weeks or less for a four-bed house
  • Solid and strong – 7x times stronger than timber frame and nearly double that of a standard masonry house. Look in our Fact Sheet Library and see how sips homes around the world have survived earthquakes and hurricane!
  • Quality of finish – our sips are precision made off-site, so you’re assured vertical walls and square corners on-site. You can confidently order bespoke items ahead of time knowing they’ll fit
  • Smoother project management – because you can elminate the slow, messy, ‘wet trades’ your site will stay cleaner and be much easier to manage
  • Thermally efficient & sustainability – sips give you real control over your living environment and dramatically cut your heating bills
  • Flexibility – sips are used not just for new homes, but also extensions and renovations. They cope with most design needs and can be finished externally as you want

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