Glulam Beams

Creative Space individually designed wood solutions

Creative Space glulam is made of sawn structural timber. No fewer than four lamellas are cut along the grain, which are then finger-jointed and glued together to the desired size. Glulam is an ideal material for the load-bearing structures of wooden buildings where long spans are desired.creative-space-cranleigh_24

Glulam is a response to the builder’s needs. Shape, dimensions, and finishing can be freely chosen. The glue is weather-resistant, and the customer can choose between dark or light glue, depending on the level of visual attractiveness.

Creative Space’s expertise in building with wood helps the builder find optimum design and dimensioning solutions.

Glulam can be delivered as single beams or complete frames; the size of the beam is only limited by transport.

Advantages: Design Flexibility

  • Large range of standard dimensions
  • Manufactured to specific dimensions
  • Cross sections and lengths can be optimized
  • Beams can be straight, cumbered or curved
  • Easy to combine with other materials

Advantages: Strong & Fire Resistant

  • Excellent strength properties based on dense-fibred premium timber
  • Low weight compared to its strength
  • R30 fire resistance class
  • In cases of fire, glulam retains the structure’s stability longer than other materials due to slow charring

Advantages: Easy to Machine and Assemble

  • All machining can be done at the factory
  • Quick erection even in all weather conditions
  • On-site machining can be done with normal hand tools

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