Versalam Beams

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Manufactured by bonding high-specification rotary peeled timber veneers to create huge billets of engineered wood, Versalam is one of the strongest and mostreliable engineered wood products available in the UK today.

Versalam Beams are an exceptionally strong timber product for the toughest of structural challenges.Versalam is popular amongst timber frame designers and manufacturers with a range of sizes suitable for timber frame as well as masonry construction.

As Versalam beams tend to be stronger than equivalent sizes in Glulam they often work out to be a more economical beam and work out of a smaller section.

The downsides of Versalam are a far more limited range of available sizes and an unattractive finish. Whilst this is fine for hidden structural beams, you would need to clad any Versalam that was left on show by the design.

Download the VERSA-LAM specification PDF guide

Creative Space - Versalam beams, self build

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